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All About Bangs


Whenever the subject of bangs comes up amongst a group of people of both sexes the stories come out. Did you ever know anyone that didn’t have a bang story? Bangs are interesting on so many levels. Bangs are a unique characteristic of a haircut unto themselves. They can define a look, refine the face (for reasons I will mention later) and they even can make us look younger. Some historically famous bangs to note are Julius Caesar, Mamie Eisenhower, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake, Cher, Demi Moore, Dakota Fanning, Demi Lavato and Justin Bieber.

Bangs flatter most faces but are not for everyone. Hairline cowlicks, widows peaks, extremely low hairlines are some examples of those that cannot wear bangs easily. If you have hair that can be worn forward onto your forehead without separating then you’re a candidate for bangs. Here are some general reasons for bangs:

A small face can wear a pixie bang well, Audrey Hepburn is a good example of both face size and a pixie bang.

A round face can wear a graduated bang that is longer on the sides than center. This gives the illusion of slenderizing the sides of the face and covers a portion of the roundness of the face.

A long face or a high forehead are naturally shortened to a more flattering face shape when the high forehead is covered or the long face is given a bang.

A heart shaped face is usually overpowered by a too wide forehead and a narrow chin. Reese Weatherspoon is a good example of a heart shaped face. A wide bang can diminish the width of the forehead and give balance to the heart shape face.

As mentioned earlier one of my two favorite reasons to cut a bang is they are instantly youthful. Remember cutting your own bangs as a kid? Well somewhere back in the brain we knew they were the key to youth!

Last but not least bangs cover the graying hairline and give us a week or two longer in between hair color applications. There is nothing refined about a gray hairline on color treated hair!

I say when you’re feeling old and gray, cut bangs. When your feeling feisty cut bangs. When your just plain bored with your look cut bangs!!