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Holiday Hair Horror


Did you ever go to a salon and ask for party hair and leave looking like someone you’ve never met? Here are a few ways to have party hair without the horror.

The tiniest change like a barret or headband on your regularly styled hair immediately puts you in a party way!

A simple messy bun at the nape of your neck either centered or to the side, says here I am, elegantly simple. You’re ready for the ballet, dinner party, a friends wedding (or a romantic invitation for you to kiss my neck).

If the occasion calls for black tie and you are wearing a divine gown here are some rules of thumb:

Counter the dress neckline with your hair. A low draping back neckline screams for a cascade of waves down the back, an asymmetrical neckline an opposing side do. A strapless dress is fair game, up or down will work, again it’s about how muck skin you want to bare!

The point is to feel as pretty as you look, and you can only do that if you are comfortable in your look, so experiment, play, test and pin. If you need a pro then find one who listens and can do the do you want. Now have a glam time!