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New Sunscreen Guidelines


New Sunscreen Guidelines…

It has always been my goal at Marlene Weber to provide healthy, safe and enjoyable services to you; as well as products that enrich your beauty and wellness experience. This is why I’d like to bring to your attention that as of June 14th there are new sunscreen guidelines put forth by the FDA.

These guidelines now state that sunscreens that boast ‘broad spectrum’ protection from UVB rays (sunburn rays) must also protect from UVA rays (which cause cancer and premature aging of the skin). In addition, there are new guidelines as to how often sunscreen should be reapplied for maximum effectiveness and what is considered waterproof.

Sunscreens must now be approved and labeled that they’ve been given FDA approval before they can claim to protect from damaging skin cancer causing rays. This brings to light more evidence that our knowledge is our power to protect ourselves and our families. Please click here to learn more.