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Pre-natal Massage

We have the privilege of massaging hundreds of pregnant women throughout their pregnancies. Most of these women experience less stress and discomfort during pregnancy, labor and delivery and feel well taken care of as their baby grows.

Our certified pre-natal massage therapists take pride and great care of moms to be. As a woman’s body changes, aches, back pain and sleepless nights can occur. Massage can help with these natural symptoms and the rapid changes the pregnant woman experiences. Pain relief and TLC for mom is delivered through massage.

To accommodate growing bellies throughout the pregnancy we offer three types of comfort on the massage table: a specially designed pre-natal massage cushion allows for the mom to be face down accommodating her belly, sidelining on her side or lastly sitting upright for the back, neck, shoulder and arm massage portion; whatever feels best at the time is what we do. Listening to our client is our priority. Our pre-natal massage is offered by our certified pre-natal massage therapists only, and must be requested when scheduling the appointment.

60 minute pre-natal massage | $110
Pre-paid series of three pre-natal massage | $297

*Series must be used prior to delivery, non-transferable. (we recommend massage begin in the second trimester) we require a physician rx which can be faxed to our office before the appointment date. For furtherinformation please contact

Meet our two certified pre-natal specialists:
Melissa Curran is a 1992 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. In addition to her studies at CCMT she has completed coursework in Myofascial Release techniques with Marcia Hood PT, and also studied Pre-natal Massage with Carole Osborn-Sheets in a course entitled “Massage for The Childbearing Year”.

Mary Kay Cersosimo is a 1997 graduate of the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy and Allied Sciences and has worked at Marlene Weber for over 11 years. Her specialties include cancer massage, myofacial release, burn survivor massage, deep tissue, and others. As well as advanced certification in pre-natal massage.