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Foot Care

Express Pedicure – $38

Series of 5 – $149

Begin your half hour soaking in a foot bath, then we will buff and file your nails & smooth away calluses while conditioning your cuticles. We’ll then polish your nails to perfection.

30 minutes

Spa Pedicure – $55

Series of 5 – $234

Begin your one hour journey with a soothing foot soak. Relax while we trim and file your nails. Then we gently exfoliate your feet to replenish your tired, dry skin and remove calloused areas. A cooling masque will be applied, followed by an invigorating massage to improve circulation in the feet. Finally, nails are polished to perfection.

60 minutes

The Aveda Pedicure – $60

All Aveda manicure and pedicure services begin with a consultation where you will select your aroma for your sensory journey, followed by cleansing soak, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, and polish. You, the client have the opportunity to customize your experience by choosing from one of the following four aroma’s: rosemary mint aroma blend, shampure aroma blend, beautifying aroma blend and stress fix aroma blend.

How do these aromas differ?

Stress fix relieves stress by 84% in a blind aroma test. It has lavender, lavendin and clary sage.

Beautifying is Uplifting with rosemary, lavender, bergamot.

Shampure has a calming effect with lavender, Ylang ylang and petit grain.

Rosemary Mint is invigorating.

This is aromatherapy. This is what Aveda products are all based on. The belief that plants and herbs essences (essential oils) have healing, medicinal , calming, invigorating and stress reducing properties.

60 minutes