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Size Matters


It’s true what they say… size does matter. Especially when it comes to the size of your round or flat brush. Let’s talk about the variety of brushes used for styling your hair at home.

Large flat brushes (paddle brushes) at one time were considered hair brushes to brush long hair. Today large flat brushes are used to brush long hair and to blow dry hair straight and flat.

A rubber tipped slightly curved brush (ie: Denman) is a great hair brush for detangling and root lift. The longer rubber tips without actual bristles allow air to circulate for maximum lift and quick drying. Denman brushes are the most versatile brushes and a must for everyone to have in their brush collection.

Round brushes vary in size, the smaller the circumference the smaller the curl. When choosing a round brush for your hairstyle, think how many times you want your hair to wrap around the brush. A short layered haircut may do best with a round brush the size of a silver dollar or larger.

Long layers will be better with a larger brush, a smaller diameter will tangle easily.

Material matters too.

Traditionally a round brush can smooth and straighten or curl. How much and how long it takes depends on the length of hair and what material the brush is.

Metal brushes with plastic or natural bristles will heat up and act like an electric curler or a flat iron. The longer you hold the heat on the brush the hotter it gets, the more the hair curls. Remember to keep the air and the brush moving so as not to burn the hair and frizz the ends.

Newer tourmaline and ceramic base brushes claim to heat and style more effectively, faster with less damage. The claim is that they hold the heat longer and cool faster for the set effect. Certainly worth checking them out…

The bottom line on hairbrushes is that you should look for a brush that is light in weight, has an easy to handle grip that is comfortable and turns easily.(Some round brushes have square handles, yikes! Not sure what that’s about!)

The biggest tip I can give you about blow drying your hair with any brush beyond the comfort in your hand is this: Heat sets shape and cool locks it in, so use heat devices (blow dryers, irons) to style with a purpose… after the strand is heated, fully dry and curled or straightened, then cool it completely with your cooling button on your blower.

Now your work will last longer than before and the cooling action will impart maximum shine too! Don’t forget heat styling products that protect the hair from damage. Look for my next blog on heat styling tools…