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Summer Skincare Promotion


Summer is when we have fun in the sun but also a time when our skin becomes most damaged.

Our anti-oxidant facial treatments remove damaged skin, revitalize and plump your skin while protecting it from cancer causing free radicals and premature photo aging of the skin. Our FDA approved Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF50 protects your skin after all the love we give it.

Did you know that sunscreen is protection for the outside of your skin, serums for the inside? That’s right, inside your skin at a very deep level where free radicals roam and cause trouble, or SkinCeuticals serums give you 8 times the protection from the sun when combined with our sunscreen. We suggest you combine a serum recommended by one of our estheticians with our sunscreen for maximum protection.

SkinCeuticals sunscreen is ‘approved by the FDA’ and now comes in a 90ml container to use on your entire body. It may even last the entire summer!!